For Photographers

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In this online class you will have access to a over 7 hours of videos, a 180+ page pdf which includes interview with all 5 instructors. My behind the scenes videos include documentary street photography, my family at home, a screencast discussion of my images, and a Q&A session. Click here to learn more about the class and to purchase.






Mentorships and Portfolio Review

Mentorships can be long term, one session only, or something in between and are conducted through video chats, emails, and/or face-to-face meetings.

Portfolio reviews include up to 25 images per session to be critiqued in a screencast by Lacey. It includes a detailed discussion of what is working and what can be done to make your photos even better. A pre-critique questionnaire will help guide the discussion.

Contact Lacey to find out more information by using the form or email directly at


Editing Information

I edit exclusively using Mastin Labs.

I am an affiliate photographer for them as they are a company I truly believe in.

Please use my link to shop their presets.

*To keep everything transparent (and legal) I have to say that I receive compensation when someone clicks on my link and purchases a product.*