This Side of the Cascades


This Side of the Cascades is an ongoing project that deals with a sense of place, as well as, state of mind. All photographs were made between the Cascade Mountain Range and the Pacific Ocean.

It can be a hard time to be alive; we are bombarded with terrible news that can seem fatalistic even at the best of times.

Social and racial inequities continue to rise.

Climate change continues to intensify unabated.

We watch horrified as hate crimes and mass shootings continue with more and more regularity.

All the while, white supremacy and the patriarchy’s grip continue to tighten as our leadership embraces rather than rejects these harmful ideologies.

With the world what it is, the existential dread and flatness I feel needs a release. Through the careful art of observation I am able to slow down, catch a breath, and pause while creating order out of the chaos.

I attempt to draw comfort from this place; where no matter where I go still somehow feels of home. I currently live nine miles from where I was born and twenty-eight miles from my childhood house. My entire life I have resided within a 225 mile stretch of interstate. 

I focus my camera on the mundanities that make up life while trying to free myself from my own mind and reconnect with region of my birth. I find each town and liminal space simultaneously anonymous and yet deeply tied to who I am.